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Here’s what people are saying about Self Love & Self Care

Niki G.

This came at a time when I’m having so much unwanted changes in my life. But it actually helped me see the grace in the midst. Thank you! … I will always be grateful for having this precious opportunity. I needed it and I want to believe positive energies moved me towards this. I’ll take Brooke Emery’s words as a reminder: Selfishness is not about not caring for other people but about putting self-love and self-care first in order to give the people around me the love that they deserve.

Jodi H.

I LOVE THIS!! I am grateful and blessed to be a part of this group. Thank you Brooke Emery and Tammy Lawman. This morning I was able to see, hug and talk with my 5 year old self. Great exercise and a useful tool especially right now. Little Jodi told me to keep laughing and keep positive because it spills out to others and will keep my loved ones feeling calm and loved.

Debra K.

I truly enjoyed this interview with Sonia Choquette. And thank you Tammy for being willing to go through the exercise and model how to get out of your head and trust your intuition. One of the biggest takeaways for me was not to ask myself if this is right, ask if it feels true.

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