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Watch this video and you'll learn:

  • What to ask your doctor when getting a diagnosis for stress-related issues 
  • Just how much stress is normal, and at what point can it be considered dangerous
  • How busy women can prevent burnout and tips for recovery (for you if are already suffering from burnout)
  • What is keto and is it right for you
  • Why most diets fail and how you can integrate healthy eating habits into your busy schedule without hours of meal prep or extra work
  • The 3 subtle changes you can make right now to help reduce stress levels so it's manageable
  • How to bring fun back to your life if duties around work and family feel overwhelming

About Michelle Leotta

Michelle Leotta is a Certified Health Coach, trained in functional and integrative medicine, podcast host, and the founder of two companies: 1. She’s Got Power (dedicated to helping women recover from chronic stress and burnout so they can thrive), and 2. Health Coach Power, a company designed to help health coaches build successful coaching practices.

Having battled with a host of health issues from fainting spells and crippling anxiety to IBS, Michelle dedicated her life to helping women get proper diagnosis and treatment early on, so they can heal from illnesses caused by undetected issues, which often arise from stress and thyroid problems. She helps her clients heal from burnout and chronic stress while dropping weight, anxiety, and fatigue - leaving them to feel powerful and ready to take on the world.

On the business development side, Michelle works with Certified Health Coaches who want to create profitable businesses. Through her program, Healthy Profit University, she’s helped hundreds of coaching clients build successful health coaching practices, both for experienced coaches and beginners who are just starting out.

Michelle is a Presenter at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Partner at the Primal Health Coach Institute. She is also the founder of the Health Coach Power Community Facebook group, which supports over 10,000 health coaches every day. Through her popular podcast, Health Coach Power Community, she answers business-building questions from her decade of experience.

She also hosts the She’s Got Power podcast where she shares her insights and advice, helping women overcome issues related to chronic stress and burnout. As a renowned expert, Michelle was featured in the documentary Lemonade on changing careers from Big Advertising to wellness, and she’s regularly interviewed in the media.

A former Art Director turned yogi, Michelle is passionate about dancing and living a healthy lifestyle. Originally from Texas, Michelle grew up in New Jersey. Today, she lives in Westchester County, New York with her two young kids, Danny and Desmond.

Hosted by Brooke Emery & Tammy Lawman

Together, Tammy Lawman and Brooke Emery are the Founders of Link Lab, LLC and the Co-Creators of the Self Love & Self Care Symposium.  Their motto is "Do Good & Have Fun!" Their mission is to teach you how to love yourself more fully and take better care of yourself as you shine more brightly in the world.

Tammy Lawman is a Conscious Business Strategist, Online Marketer, and highly recommended Rock Star Joint Venture and Affiliate Manager who excels at creating strategic and impactful business partnerships that bring in a loyal audience and 7-figure revenues.

Recognized by Forbes magazine as a connector, Brooke Emery is a creative business strategist with roots in advertising, publicity and film. She brings big vision and mixes it with intuition to connect her clients to key people and resources in her wide network to create business development strategies, partnerships and win-win-win joint ventures.

Equally passionate about elevating profits, creating social impact, and bringing consciousness to the planet, Brooke and Tammy help clients shift their mindset from a place of fear, overwhelm, and doubt to one of positive action and unlimited possibility.

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