Winter Solstice Ritual Let Go 2021 & Welcome 2022


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Where are you not taking care of yourself? What do you need to let go of from 2021?

It’s important to celebrate your wins and release what needs to go.

We are moving into the hectic time of the holidays, when in essence with the energy of solstice, it’s actually time to slow down and go within.

With this Winter Solstice Ritual,  you’ll bring all your worries, fears, and negative experiences up from 2021 to release.

And we’ll also celebrate your wins and everything that you are grateful for!

This act of gratitude and celebrating your wins, then consciously honoring the endings in your life and releasing what no longer serves you will free up space in your field so new and amazing opportunities can show up in 2022.

With this purchase, you’ll receive 6 files, including video and audio of the full ritual, approximately 40 minutes, video and audio of the guided meditation separately,  PLUS TWO BONUSES. The two bonuses include the Whispers of Self Love Audio, embedded with 50 self-love affirmations and binaural beats tuned to the frequency of love AND a 6-minute flickering candle meditation set to binaural beats, also infused with the frequency of love.

You can use the recordings over and over again as part of your self love and self care routing. Ground, be at peace, release and open up space all throughout the year!

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